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Somatosensory game machine
Latest company news about Somatosensory game machine

    The somatosensory game machine relies on high-tech video motion capture technology, so that the body movements can be instantly reflected in the game system, and the game is promoted by sensing the body movement.
The traditional electronic game machine controls the action of the game character through the handle, for example, the joystick is moved to the right, and the character moves forward; when the X key is pressed, the character jumps high. And the real world we live in is not so digital, but simulated。

  The principle of somatosensory game: Using high-tech video motion capture technology, through the camera data to analyze the player's body movements or gestures, to achieve direct human-computer interaction.
The introduction of the common home-style somatosensory game machine: through the link between the game console and the TV, [2] a game machine that allows the player to complete the game through the coordination of the whole body, no longer a single game controlled by the finger, thus Achieve a more complete gaming experience. Playground game console introduction: Using high-tech projectors installed in the ceiling and other places, using high-tech video motion capture technology to instantly read the player's movements, players only need to control the game through physical activities, without the need for Keyboard joystick or mouse. The interactive system can simultaneously analyze the actions of many people, and realize the effect of real multi-person interaction and PK in the same field. (M3 Paradise (Wall), M3 Paradise (Ground)) There is also a desktop-style somatosensory game console. The difference is that the action is read by the video motion capture system on the top of the desktop screen. (i-hockey, i-table)
Somatosensory game consoles are usually divided into two parts: the main unit and the console. The host is responsible for running and processing signals; the control is responsible for collecting dynamic signals and passing them to the host. The control terminal also has technical differences in principle and implementation. Take Microsoft's somatosensory game console XBOX 360 as an example. Its control terminal is called Kinect. It is essentially a 3D somatosensory camera, including an infrared emitter and a camera. The infrared emitter emits a "laser" that covers the entire Kinect's visual range, and the camera receives reflected light to identify the player.
Next, Kinect looks for moving objects in the image that may be human, that is, distinguishing the human body from the background environment by extracting useful signals from the noise.
Then, each pixel of the player's image is transmitted into a machine learning system that identifies the body part to identify which body part a particular pixel belongs to.
Finally, using the results of the previous stage output, a skeleton system is generated based on the 20 joint points tracked. In this way, the human body movements are captured.
After abandoning the control of the handle, we not only have hand movements, but even the swing of the head, the rotation of the body, the movement of the footsteps, etc. will be displayed on the screen, with a more realistic and intuitive game experience. On the other hand, the game console is also converted from the sedated sit-button mode to the full-body exercise and puzzle fitness mode.

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